**XanyLeaves has joined**

XanyLeaves has left [connection closed]

–The message left by the first documented Xany.

A Xany is the act of entering a chatroom and then immediately leaving. The name was derived from the username of the first notable person to perform the action, XanyLeaves, due to this it has been commonly attributed to popular members of the Object Community. The opposite action, leaving a chatroom and immediately returning (commonly done by reloading the page) is known as a ynaX, it is most commonly done by Din0, because his computer is shit. Xanys have lessened significantly with the replacement of DeviantArt chatrooms, though ynaXs still pop up due to Din0 and Ray's common technical difficulties with Discord.

Sending a message inbetween the entering and exiting phase of a Xany is known as "Interrupting a Xany", and is generally discouraged; despite the randomness and unpredictability of the action. Interruption of a ynaX is not usually met with the same reactions.

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