We all know Vlog. Right? Vlog is infamous for constantly posting pictures of himself on Skype chats and he is well known among the Memebers for saying stupid things. Because of this, he is often mocked by the Memebers on a daily basis. He's also a very funny comedian (mainly stated by King) that is in the show called The notcirclebae Comedy Hour (blame Din0 and King for this, mainly Din0). Here are some of the funny things Vlog has said ever since he became relevant:

young girls are way better


I wear makeup to seem younger sometimes


But That's a mexican job


I know I look like an Indian telemarketer


that's gross

your like 14 and a boy


But really I neesed to grow up


If I see ANY memes of the movie

I will take them down

–Vlog, jinxing himself.

You guys are s0 gay


I'm doing a SERIOUS

–Vlog, doing a serious.

a nothing out of 10



–Vlog, being desperate.

Yeah you faggot If you don'T shut up I will send you to a ariana grande concert You know what happens next

–Vlog, being insensitive.

If you guys dont shut up

I will masterbate on all of you

–Vlog, threatening people the only way he knows how.

you all can suck my bails


13 year olds are squeaky little bitches with retarded idealogies that dont make sense and they play with fidget spinners and listen to botdf

–Vlog, the savage.

OH 14 year olds are also bad


12-15 year olds are homosexuals

–Vlog, the homophobe.

16-17 year olds are REALLY gay


18-20 year olds are just retarded but not gay


You cant even buy tobacco at 15 15 year olds are little ass kids


Only barely English speaking slightly underage mexican women have sex with me

–Vlog, destroying his reputation, as usual.

Hey spanish speaker your food sucks and I have sex with your weird bad decision making women

–Vlog, on Windows.

I can do whatever I want


I swear lifes gonna throw a bitch at me then get her pregnant and ill be mad

–Vlog, predicting the future... well technically the past.

The only non fuck buddy actual girlfriend ive had left in a week because I just played on my phone all the time

–Vlog, remember this is on a a chat with 30+ people.

I might have a child soon


Onision is a great dude he speaks logic and he's really funny and cool

–Vlog, showing he has no taste.

Is jack hot


That girl I got pregnant looks really hot rn


No she would angrybrownnapkinfromtacobellbarelylegalwoman

–Vlog, being racist.

I mean its Not a big deal

–Vlog, announcing the understatement of the year.

Oh fuck I'm gonna be a dad


–Vlog, announcing the runner-up for the understatement of the year.

Yucky, Pokemom


I fapped first time at 8

–Vlog, revealing necessary information.

I'm like a parasite

–Vlog, on himself.

No ew I'm not flirting a 12 year old

–Vlog, on Jack.

Shall I pierce my dick?

My eyebrow

My mouth??

–Vlog, leaving his decisions up to a bunch of 13-16 year olds.

Stop trying to turn me into the next chris chan Its never going to happen

–Vlog, denying what has already happened.

I said that once at mcdonalds

A employee told me to play drink a cup of water if they give it to me for free I told him to drink a cup of fuck you

–Vlog, making good decisions.

17 year olds are immature and have soft heads undeveloped


Heroin aint fairyowin

–Vlog, Master Wordsmith.

14 and 15 are literally the same

–Vlog, being smart.

Well fuck you I'm telling you about when I was homeless

It was fun


Besides I was kind of hoping he had mafia connections

So I could join and make a blood oath


You guys practically cum on eachother


I just sang publicly with area loudly about shitting my pants

–Vlog, only hours after giving the memebers a lecture about adulthood

When I was 17

I first heard about new mexico And I thought it was a brand new sequel To mexico

–Vlog, what a genius

I dont think women should be able to produce music

–Vlog, being sexist.

I think halsey should

Be shot by the police

So she cant sing anymore about the 8000 slimy cocks shes sucked today


Lol know what would be a funny prank

If women didnt have a vagina For ONE day April fewls

–Vlog, it's just a prank bro

Somebody needs to cut her pussy off so she cant reproduce

OH WHAT You think I'm crazy?


I'm not angry at all

–Vlog, lying.

Ser violada por el goo que te hizo!


Pity is gay


I might take up vigilante justice


Legal murder



When I was your age I drank boxes of wine every week


Situations like these make me want DRUGGGS

–Vlog, the addict.

I got along with cwc for a while


He's like me in A lot of ways

–Vlog, on Chris-chan.

Friends only want whats in their best interest Family only wants you so that they look good Spouses want your dick and half your money

–Vlog, getting into philosophy

Din0 thats called not being a dick You.... Bimbo butt slut

–Vlog, stealing insults from Landmark

Fuck accidentally used the womens restroon

Vlog, making wonderful life desicions!

I'm a good role model for children

–Vlog telling a filthy lie

Ill do the toy hour series on the APPM channel


Dont specify it just shush man and let me take you on a fucked up journey

Vlog vs King

Quite the mexican job


I will Fuckin rape you

–Vlog is scary

Area moaned as Vlog went faster against Area's core, he moaned out... McKenzie... as he did, Vlog thrusted harder and Area moaned louder until they reached a climax orgasm point.

–Vlog, reading a fanfiction in a completely deadpan voice.

I will Fuck you tristan

–Vlog, declaring his love for Val.

Dude teens younger then you guys by 3 years sell weed here, you guys are just sheltered. The youngest weed dealer around these parts is 13. Hes a little retard. I should slap him for his bad weed tbh

–Vlog, You do know you're saying this to 30+ teenagers, right?

I hate white girls

Self centered Starbucks drinking dumbshits

–Vlog the racist

I buy 19 and 20 year olds beer

Big fucking woop


WELL sort of fan fiction can be cool but shipping is sad

Like raping somebody is less sad


Shipping should be a crime

Punishable by slap


I was thinking about becoming a porn star


Girls r dum

No girls allowed

–Vlog the sexist.

Maybe ill just be a head mafia boss someday



–Vlog showing off his politician powers

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