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AngryPaperPlateMan, previously known as Vlogcentral, Hungermedia, and Evilmilk, and commonly called Vlog, Hunger and APPM, is an exceptional 30-year old1111!!!11!!!111!!11!!!111! (almost 22) individual who makes YouTube videos where he yells at object shows he's never seen, and he also made some "unique" object show where a bucket does stupid shit that Area had to animate for him. He also thinks fucking a girl right where she turns 16 is a-okay, and had a panic attack when the Memebers mentioned making a KiwiFarms article on him, despite claiming he was involved in the Clyde Cash saga in 2009. For more information, read his wonderful quotes

He also said he would flip or something if I made this... so... wish me luck!

And now, Geno's Diss On Vlog Edit

Geno1906: ur a piece of shit pedophile who thinks about middle school tits all day while rapping about his growth disorder and drinking a pepsi every hour

Channel Deletion Edit

Vlog somehow accidentally deleted his channel on the date of 6/7/17

this is probably the greatest achievement he will ever accomplish in his lifetime.

Vlog reveals himself Edit

On June 24th 2017 Vlog revealed that he was a fictional character and that we were all stupid idiots for falling for his obvious lies. But at least we got some funny quotes. He's come back at least twice since this however, acting no smarter than his "character" did all those months ago..

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