Jack, @FlashFireJack


The Memebers hit a new low. (From left to right: Din0, Sharpy, TAS)

Video Games, also known as Vidya on questionably video game-focused message boards, are electronic games used for entertainment and, in some cases, as an art form, it's also something the Memebers might have a bit too much of a passion for.

The main video game series talked about by the Memebers are Kirby, Pokemon, Mega Man and Mario, usually being the RPG or Racing series. Along with those are Sonic, Parappa the Rapper, some Rhythm Heaven, and various blocky sandbox games. They also play some browser games, such as Town of Salem and Pretend You're Xyzzy, and Din0 has played Super Smash Flash 2 on occasion.

They also hate a whole bunch of them too, namely the infamous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, consisting of Undertale, Five Nights at Freddy's, Tattletail, and Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Along with this, they come up with video game ideas too, most notably the notcirclebae series, a series of imaginary video games started by Din0's the notcirclebae fighting game, there's also Pep Googles, theoretical Paper Mario games but with Memebers replacing the roles, and Call of Snakey, a spin-off of the notcirclebae series created by TAS, yes, I'm serious.

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