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<SensationOfTheCity >
    • TMOTC has been made a member of Banned by DeviantObject87 **<DeviantObject87>math went from my favorite subject to my second least favorite<NinjaTheEchidna>yes<SensationOfTheCity>NinjaTheEchidna: NO!<Cryantix>i know<SensationOfTheCity>DeviantObject87: yes?<NinjaTheEchidna>Sensation.<NinjaTheEchidna>This one:sensationofthecity.deviantart.…<SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>but a new one will be activated soon<NinjaTheEchidna>But here is his application for C.T.C....<NinjaTheEchidna>…<SensationOfTheCity>NinjaTheEchidna: I didn't like it.<SensationOfTheCity>You guys are here!…<SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>oh<DeviantObject87>I'm not a dog ;3;<DeviantObject87>I'm a squid >:0<Cryantix>IM PEEMP LEENK<NinjaTheEchidna>k den<NinjaTheEchidna>k den<Cryantix>add me<Cryantix>NINJA<NinjaTheEchidna>I bet that the ball song was talking about THAT ball, if ya know what I mean......<SensationOfTheCity>What does it mean to lock a profile?<NinjaTheEchidna>trumpet smelling wishlists farts<Cryantix>lock the profile sharpy<DeviantObject87>ew<Cryantix>or<Cryantix>just make me an admit<Cryantix>admit<SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>no<SensationOfTheCity>Cryantix: What does it mean to lock a profile?<Cryantix>admin<SensationOfTheCity>??<Cryantix>ninja<Cryantix>make me an admin on the wili<SensationOfTheCity>What does it mean to lock a profile?<SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>no<SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>thats mean<SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>and unjustified<Cryantix>what do you mean<SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>im not letting you block his profile<Cryantix>ok fine<Cryantix>mighta s well tell you what i put nick<SensationOfTheCity>SharpyTheKirbyIsBack: What does it mean to block a profile?<Cryantix>"I LOVE SLEEP I LOVE SLEEP SO MUCH I FAP TO IT ITS SO SEXII <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 "<SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>i have no clue<NinjaTheEchidna>Well, you go to contributions, and click on block, and yeah.<SensationOfTheCity>Are you talking about Wikia?<Cryantix>i said lock<Cryantix>not block

<SensationOfTheCity>Cryantix: Are you talking about dA or Wikia? And what does it mean to lock a profile? <Cryantix>wikia <Cryantix>and prevent from editing <DeviantObject87> <SensationOfTheCity>Cryantix: Why do you want to forbid me from editing? You said I could vandalize that wiki. <Cryantix>on the profile <Cryantix>not the whole wiki <SensationOfTheCity>Cryantix: You want to lock my profile so I can't remove the revolting things you put there, right? <Cryantix>uuuuuh <Cryantix>yea <SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>but he can <SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>t <SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>because he is not admin <SensationOfTheCity>… ** Taffynesshas joined <Taffyness>hi ** privilege class Founders has been updated by NinjaTheEchidna with: +admin +kick +join +msg +topic +title +shownotice promote=Founders demote=Banned +images +smilies +emoticons +thumbs +avatars +websites +objects ** Taffyness has been made a member of Founders by NinjaTheEchidna * <Cryantix>tafyyyyybae <NinjaTheEchidna>ih <SensationOfTheCity>WELCOME, Taffyness!!! <Taffyness>help. my brother likes GoAnimate <SensationOfTheCity>Why is that bad. <SensationOfTheCity>sensationofthecity.deviantart.… <NinjaTheEchidna>Because G!A sucks dick-ass, Sensation <Cryantix>show him extremely shitty users taffy <Cryantix>like l ryan <SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>hi taffybae <Cryantix>dylan jacobs <Cryantix>kindra <Cryantix>yea ** SensationOfTheCityhas left [connection closed] ** SensationOfTheCityhas joined <NinjaTheEchidna>… . Example. Is Jigsaw a fucking parent? <SensationOfTheCity>Seriously, kindra ewing? <SensationOfTheCity>That doesn't even look like Jigsaw. <NinjaTheEchidna>Did you comment there? <DeviantObject87>brb <Taffyness>that doesn't look like Jigsaw at all <SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>ikr <NinjaTheEchidna>Everyone, comment on there! <NinjaTheEchidna>I.K.R.? <SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>all goanimate videos are the same <SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>heck all goanimators are the same <SensationOfTheCity>Like that means anything. <NinjaTheEchidna>To anybody who thinks that, that doesn't look like Jigsaw: It ain't. <Cryantix>taffybae <Cryantix>ya still here <SensationOfTheCity>I think so. <SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>she usually leaves when afk <DeviantObject87>… <DeviantObject87>what do you think of it? <SensationOfTheCity>It's fabulous! <NinjaTheEchidna>OI! YOU WANNA FITE, M8?! <NinjaTheEchidna>RYAN. <NinjaTheEchidna>Did you tell him what the reference was on the Corneria stage? <Cryantix>no <SharpyTheKirbyIsBack>wtf are you talking about ninja <SensationOfTheCity>The question is... <NinjaTheEchidna>Object Redundancy. <SensationOfTheCity>If the derivative of f(x) is f(x) and f(0) = 1, what's f(x)? <NinjaTheEchidna>Object Shit-Ancy. <DeviantObject87>what about it? <Cryantix>fx is <Cryantix>YOUR FUCKING MOM <SensationOfTheCity>Let's work this term by term. <NinjaTheEchidna>XD!!! <SensationOfTheCity>The constant term of f is 1 because f(0) = 1. <NinjaTheEchidna>Good job, Ryan! <SensationOfTheCity>Therefore the constant term of f'(x) is 1, which means the degree-1 term of f(x) is x. <SensationOfTheCity>Since the degree-1 term of f'(x) is x, the degree-2 term of f(x) is x^2/2. <SensationOfTheCity>Continuing this process we get 1 + x + x^2/2 + x^3/6 + x^4/24 + x^5/120 + ... <SensationOfTheCity>But that's just e^x. <Cryantix>STOP <Cryantix>NOBODY SAID THERED BE MATH <Cryantix>I DONT WANT TO LEARN <SensationOfTheCity>I never said there'd be math either. <SensationOfTheCity>I went through an explanation of quantitative exploration.