this is the stupidest thing I've ever created

–DangerDin0, BFLT Ch12: no capitalization because circlebae


the notcirclebae series is a series of various imaginary video games of various genres, they feature various object OCs of notable people who have gone on notcirclebae, the series was first started by DangerDin0.

Notcirclebae racing

The notcirclebae racing game. Host: Carol (INYF) Playable characters: Cherry Drop (Sharpy), Beachy Ball (Din0), Knot (Ryan), Lenny (Lenny), Goggles (Ray), Computer (Windows), Paint Palette (Jack), Water (King) and 22 more racers that I didn't bother to include.

Playable Characters Edit

Playable in the notcirclebae fighting game:

Date-able in the notcirclebae dating sim:

Party Memebers in the rpgs:

  • Goggles (Din0, Ray and Sequel)
  • Cherry Drop (Din0, Ray and Sequel)
  • Lenny (Din0, Ray and Sequel)
  • CD-ROM (Din0, Ray and Sequel)
  • U.F.O. (Ray)
  • DDR Arrow (Din0)
  • Topaz (Sequel)
  • Puzzly (Sequel)

Games in the Series Edit

Title Synopsis
the notcirclebae fighting game The first game in the series, which follows one of 20 playable characters as they try to win a fighting tournament held by Lenny, which ends in Cube crashing in and challenging the player.
the notcirclebae dating sim A short lived idea inspired by a status post made by Lenny, it would follow Toffee as he tries to get more wives, every path would eventually end in the end of world somehow occurring.
the notcirclebae rpg (Din0's idea) An rpg which changed drastically over time, the current story is that Lenny has been acting strange, DDR Arrow goes to check on him, but never returns. Goggles and Cherry Drop elect to investigate, but Knot immediately blames Kett for it and goes to find her. The idea differs from Ray's idea more in the planned game mechanics than in the story.
the notcirclebae rpg (Ray's idea) A different idea for the rpg made by Ray, the beginning of the story is mostly the same, in the sense that "something bad happens and Goggles goes to fix it", and the idea differs more in the mechanics, where each character follows Pokemon-like stats.
the notcirclebaese ball game A joke picture made by Din0, he has little to no intention of expanding on it.
the notcirclebae rpg 2

A planned sequel to Ray's idea of the rpg, not much is known about it other than that Knot takes on a more villainous role.

the notcirclebae racing game A total of 30 playable characters racing to be the new owner of the King Dedede Wiki. This series was made official by King and Din0.

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