the notcirclebae fighting game (must be all lowercase) is the first entry in the notcirclebae series (also must be all lowercase), and is probably the only one anyone else cares about. The game is a fighting game starring people from notcirclebae, obviously. It features 15 Memebers and 9 Former Memebers/Kinda Memebers as playable characters, as well as Sugar and Hex.

Story Edit

The game's regular modes have an excuse plot: Lenny doesn't know what to do with the now-abandoned notcirclebae, to which CD sarcastically suggests they host a fighting tournament, this is met with praise and then the game happens, which doesn't really follow tournament rules and is more just the characters fighting whoever they want.

The story mode however takes place in a weird alternate universe where notcirclebae never died, the (smirk) drama never ended, and Cube is still relevant, it follows Post-it, who is enjoying a nice day until Konpeito attacks him for no reason, leading to them both banning each other from notcirclebae, then Sugar appears and acts stupid and everyone gets triggered, then Lenny gets possessed and weird stuff happens and it probably all leads to everyone dying. Whatever, no one will play it anyways.

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