Circle Bae

The Notcirclebae Corporation is a company founded by Sharpy, Lenny, Ray, Din0 and Ryan in mid-late 2015, and the creators of the notcirclebae series, the deviantart chatrooms, Din0 Is Stupid Discord, and various Object Shows, countless totally not stolen from the Skype Memers Memes, and Webcomics. Despite appearing to be a total legitimate business, the truth is that The Notcirclebae Corporation secretly works for King Dedede, and use their amazing products to turn perfectly normal OSC members into future perma-virgins. They do this by using secret radio waves, that when heard destroy braincells, increasing the chance of everyone who hears them to grow up to be a fat greasy weeaboo boy. Of course, once this transformation is complete, their victims will turn into lolcows, who are stupid people on the internet that can be milked for laughs. It's unknown the current extent of their power, but if any of their products ever get made, it will highly increase the amount of manchildren in the OSC.

List of Employees and their Jobs in the company: Edit

  • Sharpy - Hot Anime Girl
  • Ray - Video Game Referencer
  • Din0 - Historical Bullying Alchemist
  • Lenny - Undercover Skype Group Spy
  • TAS - Wiki Editor
  • King - Marriage Counselor
  • Emerald - Account Creator
  • Val - Alternative Website Tester
  • Pirans - Authority Questioner
  • Cormac - Admin Abuse Police Captain
  • Jack - Drama Discourager
  • Windows - Drama Encourager
  • Nic - Technicolor Wildlife Specialist
  • Kris - Sinner Artist
  • RBR - Scarce
  • Patroned - Meen Man
  • Kett - lolcow Expert
  • Osha - Cringe Pokemon Fetish Poster
  • Allen - Inactivity Interrupter
  • Goon - Minecraft Server Regulator
  • Landmark - Obscure Alternative Insult Specialist
  • Alex - Currently MIA
  • Ryan - Call Manager
  • Fairiez - Being Ryan's Girlfriend
  • Loud - Not Being A Memeber

List Of Products: Edit

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