wait so the old crew is full of dicks

cool ill fit right in


The Skype chat in which most of The Populars such as Pirans and TTGuy left to after the death of The R'donkeyless Race Crew. This chat is basically a place for people who work on OLD to converse about OLD, but a lot of the regulars don't work on OLD and are just there to play Minecraft.

This chat led to the breakup of Loud and Pirans due to Loud not talking as much, leading Pirans to gain new friends in the OLD Crew, leaving both of them different when they were able to call once again.

The OLD Crew also led to the death of the R'donkyless Race Crew, the main Skype chat before The OLD Crew. The death of this chat led to people such as Din0, Numbers and Loud to be secluded.

Sharpy really wants to get in, but no one will invite him. :(