The Beginning

Something B.C.

  • King Dedede gets bored and creates a giant multiverse known as the Internet, he then gives it to the dumbest creatures known to man: Man themselves.
  • SJWs get triggered because King Dedede worded it as giving it to mankind. King Dedede thinks this is the dumbest thing to get offended over and locks them in a place known as Tumblr.

Some Time Between Then and Now A.D.

  • Memes are created by King Dedede, who was disgusted by all of the actually useful information on the Internet.
  • DeviantArt is created by man, King Dedede think it's the stupidest thing ever created and decides to plot a way to ruin it forever.
  • Christian Weston Chandler is born, and Sonichu is created.
  • GoAnimate is created and King Dedede gets ton of little kids to find it so they'll make stupid videos with it on the brand new YouTube
  • BFDI is created, King Dedede thinks it's pretty good, but then Adam Katz sneaks into King Dedede's poorly guarded castle and creates Inanimate Insanity and starts The Object Community, Dedede proceeds to yell at his minions about locking the gate behind them.

The Creation of Da Quintet

Some Time in 2015 A.D.

  • King Dedede finally finishes his plot to destroy DeviantArt after getting artist's block and putting it off for 15 years, he lures 5 stupid teenagers from the Object Community into making a DeviantArt Chatroom and worshiping him, they then cause tons of drama between themselves, King Dedede predicts that the end of DeviantArt will arrive in a least 200 years, he is disappointed at the results but takes what he can get.
  • Cool Cat Saves The Kids is released.
  • Da Quintet, as they called themselves, caused so much drama that many new people regularly joined their chatrooms, Ryan eventually took charge of these people and crowned himself the leader of them.
  • The King Dedede Wiki is created by Da Quintet.
  • Lenny joins the chats, eventually joining the other members.
  • Din0 joins the chats out of morbid curiosity and continues to go because he has nothing better to do with his time.
  • The Populars take over the chat.

Sometime in 2016 A.D.

  • The Notcirclebae Corporation is founded.
  • Sharpy becomes a TRUE and HONEST anime girl.
  • Ryan continues to be a dick.
  • DeviantartWHY gets shut down.
  • CoolKidsChat is abandoned
  • NoAdminAbuseHere is created.
  • King becomes a FUK
  • INYF is created
  • Ryan and Topaz fall in love for the first time.
  • Skype Chats become the primary form of Memember communication
  • Other Stuff I'll add later.

Times in 2017

  • Din0's joke show last night finally ends.
  • The memebers find great joy in playing many games, such as Minecraft, ManyLand, and Roblox
  • The Populars invade The Great Memeber Chatroom Sanctuary, making it unsacred with their spam and forcing the Memebers to relocate to a new group lead by TAS called NoAdminAbuseHereNumber3
  • The call chat is also really slow to Sharpy and TAS causing the entire call chat members to relocate to a second group that died minutes later leading to the third and last call chat for right now. (it also later died)
  • Ryan broke some of the memebers in a call
  • The Faction called Ragnarok decided to try and raid us, with their smug member and his partner they tried to raid the Minecraft faction once again, but were instead met with lots of swords and fighting, but they killed some of the doggos, who will be remembered through their puppers, but in the end they lost, eventually with Sharpy gaining Wayward_Wizard and Dyliis heads, and they ended up annihilating them, eventually
  • Many memebers finally returned to the chat
  • Many new people were added to the Ranks of the memebers