He'll make you smile when he yells at Ryan

Because you know this will happen over and over again

–The TTN Rap, Emerald's verse

Drama caused by the Memebers, and to some extent the whole OSC in general, or maybe just drama in general tends to follow a pattern. This cycle was first pointed out to the Memebers by RBR, though being the incredibly smart people they are they completely ignored him and never took the "odd coincidences" into account and kept starting drama as usual.

Eventually the Memebers developed some sort of Real Life Genre Savviness and now whenever drama occurs, they go along with it, but know it will turn out the same as all of the other drama, and will generally make fun of everyone involved in it; including themselves.

The Drama Cycle goes as follows:

  1. Someone says/does something that makes another person mad. The two then argue and the bystanders either take a side or relax and watch the fireworks display.
  2. The argument gets out of hand, resulting in death threats and funny quotes. Anyone who comes online during this phase will usually have little idea whats going on.
  3. The argument ends with one side leaving in a huff or banning the other side, usually along with their supporters. Anyone who joins during this phase has Missed the Drama.
  4. An optional phase in which the salty side (aka the side that started it) tries to get attention and pity by posting sad journals and vent art, and changing their icon to a black square. From here the cycle can either repeat if new drama starts before Step 5 or it can move on.
  5. The two sides make up some time later, and everything is laughed off and the chat returns to normal for the next 23 seconds. No one is the wiser.
  6. Repeat.

If either of the main persons involved is sane. The Cycle immediately skips Steps 2-4.

If either of the main persons involved is Oka. The Cycle skips Step 2.

Pirans always wins in drama btw

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