Mission:Find and kill the jerk that turned us into balls

–Team Sharpy Comic 3

Team sharpy animated ep1 pilot get it by sharpythekirbyisback-d8pb8fs

I bet you're not wondering why we call Sharpy "Sharpy". It's because of his old webcomic, Team Sharpy. While Sharpy has created a lot of dumb things over the years, there is nothing he is more ashamed of than Team Sharpy, a sprite comic starring a character he should've kept dead. For some reason, it's a ripoff of Star Fox. The plot is Sharpy, Boomerang, Spacey, Icy, Vileshock, and Sharktooth, work for the Kirby military(can't Kirby himself do all the work?) and fight off the threats of the galaxy. It was cancelled after 18 pages, a bad story arc, and a bunch of awful minor characters that didn't do anything. Strangely enough, Sharpy's current comic also has six main characters, is made in MS Paint, and only exists because Sharpy wanted to something with his OCs. Goes to show you nothing ever changes in the OSC. Sharpy brought the comic back for exactly one day as a parody of sprite comics, but then ditched it because he couldn't mass debate to it like INYF.

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