TAS is a Mary Sue. He debuted halfway through the anime, he's both a memeber and a skype memer, bridging the rivalry that was once the show's main conflict, he joined Da Quintet, an honor that belongs to only the main characters of the anime, he has few character flaws, and steals screentime away from the old characters. Therefore, mary sue

–Sharpy's In depth analysis of TAS's character in The Notcirclebae Anime

Well [Bots] are people too

–TAS, defending bots' rights to exist


TheAnimationStation, also known as TAS and Aurora, is a Memeber, a Skype Memer, and the fifth member of the Quintet. He's an animator who makes the great show known as "The Fight For Paradise", which is sadly cancelled. He also made a good series called "Teepat Wars", or whatever it was. Now he just quit voicing Milky on OLD and is a member of the Skype chat because Ryan has a rage boner for him.

Trivia Edit

  • TAS holds the record for spending the longest time on the Memeber Skype Group before becoming a Memeber.
  • He's also secretly an alien planning to mind control everyone.

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