What kind of "fashionista" only owns four copies of the same outfit?

–Susan lampshading Sharpy's laziness, Outfit 2

Susan Shrug

Susan is the human version of Sharpy's OC Screen (Who has the same personality), and a character on his webcomic INYF. She's Carol's sister, but unlike Carol, she's unpopular, fat, and completely unable to find a date. In most of the comics she's in she either bitches about not having a boyfriend or tries to get a boyfriend, but in some others she plays a straight-man to Carol's goofy antics. She's extremely insecure about herself, and draws art in her spare time. As she pretty much spends all her comics trying to get laid or bitching about not getting laid, with her other dialogue being rather mundane, she probably has the least personality out of the INYF girls, and trust me that's saying something.

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