Hello. I'm. Sticky. And, this is. Super, Object, Battle. We have, 26 contestants competing to win a mansion.

–Sticky, SOB Beta: Episode 1 - The Rock

Super Object Battle, which is commonly abbreviated as SOB, which Jack did not realize also meant son of a bitch, was a show made by Jack in 2012.

SOB Beta was the beginning of the series, and gave birth to some amazing characters, such as Drago and Sticky. SOB Beta: Episode 3 was probably the worst of them all, featuring Smosh references every two seconds. The episode was even called Smosh Cake.

After Jack got bored, like he does every two seconds, he rebooted the show and started Super Object Battle. Super Object Battle started out in PowerPoint, then moved to Anime Studio with Episode 3. Most of the episodes were really short, contained awful jokes, and none of them had any story whatsoever. For example, Episode 2, which was just under four minutes long, contained a SpongeBob meme at the very beginning, followed by a plot of Balloon stating she's scared that she will get eliminated, then gets a costume for the mean character on the show, and Sticky randomly decides to eliminate Balloon. During the challenge, Sun floats over the New Super Mario Bros. U world map for approximately 30 seconds, and Banana danced to the really great meme, Barrel Roll, that totally isn't outdated.

Anyways, in 2014 Jack got bored again, and posted a video on December 31, 2014 called "I'm done" with a black screen. Less than two months later, he decides to reboot Super Object Battle again, but was met with backlash this time because "so many shows have rebooted before." Since thirteen year old Jack was scared to death from getting hate, he renamed the reboot to "Super Object Battle Two" and gave the show a new host, for some reason. The first episode of SOBT had an ebola joke that made everyone cry for some reason. He made a second episode of the series, but then got bored again and made a new show entirely, which is arguably much, much better.

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