rip skypememers

september 9th - may 29th


The Populars 2.0, also known as the OLD Crew members, and formerly known as the Skype Memers are a group of friends notable for being in the OLD Crew, playing Minecraft and... that's about it. They are all very unproductive besides Jack who works on his show every day like an idiot.

Well they are notable for making tons of memes and inside jokes that no one else understands... and then promptly spamming those people them... they're great people.

A few of the The Populars 2.0 are also notable Memebers, such a Pirans and Jack, and like half of them are in the Memeber Skype Group for some reason. Though a few Memebers are also in the OLD Crew, such as Lenny, so I guess it balances out. The Populars 2.0 also enjoy ruthlessly mocking the Memebers during their day-to-day acts of stupidity and NEED TO GO IN A CAGE HAH FUNNY JOKE LOOK AT ME IM RAY LOOL LEL XD HAHAHAHAH!!!


A number of them also used to be part of The Populars, which means they are indirectly responsible for the creation of notcirclebae, though that also means that without them TTN would still have been the owner of the chats... so a bit of a double-edged sword.

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