Skype was created by King Dedede as a more common way of communication between his subjects across the world, where they could chat, talk to eachother in calls, send videos, images and even entire fake life stories. But what King Dedede did not know is that Skype would be taken as a main way of communication after the fall of CoolKidsChat, many discords, and deviantart chatrooms

Sub-chats Edit

Many sub-chats were created, such as a chat for memebers, which would eventually get over-run by the populars, who would then cause them to relocate to a new group for memeber sanctuary known as NoAdminAbuseHereNumber3 (surprisingly) lead by TAS of all people, and a call chat was created that was later abandoned after Sharpy and TAS's skypes messed up on the chat, then a second was created, but then quickly abandoned in the exact same day, around the same time, leading to the creation of the third call-chat, Umbra forest is a forest.

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