Hey dude check out this webcomic.

–Sharpy the Yellow Kirby, Im Not Your Friend #18

FirstHelmetDrop1998, previously known as SharpyTheYellowKirby and later SharpyTheKirbyIsBack, is a Memeber and the first member of the Quintet, he is a cool kid who plays bass guitar and totally doesn't want to bang his own comic characters (not even the main character, Carol).

He does however, masturbate furiously to grounded videos. He also has huge tits and a vajoiner. [Citation needed]

He is the memelord of both Da Quintet and Quintet 2.0.

Personality Edit

Sharpy commonly refers to himself as a memelord and such, obviously this is not true as King Dedede is the only true memelord. Sharpy was previously very whiny, to the point where he said his ban for rigging the votes in BFdAI was unfair.

Now he's pretty chill and spends most of his days making a webcomic about teen girl stereotypes with 100% copypasted art. He is also racist. Nowadays all Sharpy does is talk about fucking the other Memebers, even tho Sharpy is too sexy for any of them. He hates the Skype Memers, especially Dillon, and writes diss tracks on them on a daily basis because they dared to called him boring

Pokemon Strategies Edit


The image on the right shows sharpy performing one of his famous Pokemon Attack strategies.