you can tell it's din0 by his dry wit


Sarcasm is a sharp, bitter, mocking, etc. remark that often uses irony.

It's also what makes up almost everything on this wiki that isn't memes.

The general use of sarcasm is common around the Memebers, arguably because they are prime Snark Bait. While sarcasm was never started by anyone specifically, it's most notable user out of the Memebers is Din0, who wrote most of the pages on this wiki, so that should give you an idea of how he acts. Other common users include Sharpy, Patroned, King and Windows.

Outside of the Memebers sarcasm is also common, as previously mentioned. Kett and the Skype Memers are prime examples of this, the Memeber's awareness of such sarcasm ranges from completely none to understanding everything and replying by going along with them and insulting themselves.

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