Paper Mario describes the entire Internet.

Saltiness is the biggest cause of drama. It happens whenever a person sees something they don't like so they cry like a little bitch. Naturally, almost everyone of the memebers have been salty before, here are some examples.

  1. Sharpy gets salty whenever furries invade circlebae. He also got salty when he gets either eliminated or banned from camps.
  2. Ryan gets salty whenever Cool Cat is mentioned. Naturally since the memebers are trolls, this happens a lot. He also gets salty when he gets eliminated from camps, his show is posted on DeviantartWhy, or when Topaz exists.
  3. Ray rarely gets salty, but he did get really salty when we made a Canada's Finest article.
  4. Emerald gets salty whenever someone makes a joke he gets triggered by, whenever anyone else is salty, and when he gets banned.
  5. Joshy got salty when Ryan drew him sucking his own dick.
  6. Okashina gets salty whenever someone uses a Smirk or :O emoticon.
  7. Din0 never gets salty. He just doesn't.
  8. Val also gets salty whenever anything he doesn't like happens

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