This article is a poorly written and factually incorrect rant about Adam written solely by Ryan on this wiki for no reason. No one else involved shares the extreme opinions this article displays, we simply keep it around for how hilariously bad it is. For a page on Adam Katz that is not stupid, see here.
Hey guys. I'm Ryan and this is my rant. Adam Katz is a false god who is worshipped by The Object Community. As he is an egotistical douche, and a false god, King Dedede does not like him, and steals his dongs whenever possible.

Why do I hate him?

He tried funding an animated ripoff of another series that's been pretty much dead, which is a ripoff of another animated series that's suffering seasonal rot, which is a ripoff of ANOTHER show.

He's tried to move his ripoff show from a mostly comedy based show into a literal drama-fest, with like 1 of the characters not partaking in it and having the final 9 being completely bland characters. Given he got this from one of humanity's glorious cancer stains, Steven Universe, yeah.

He gets pissed when people refer to his show as an object show.

Of course, given how it uses public assets, it's considered one.

His sellout power increased when he partnered with Frederator (who also hired BenTheLooney, a pedophile and incest fetishist). He's also going to work on Nickelodeon, and given the recent shit Nick's been pouring out, that's saying a lot.

He filed a copyright strike on a YouTube channel.[Citation needed]

And lastly, he keeps thinking his show is a complete magnum opus, when in reality, it's probably in the top of the lower shit spectrum of the OSC AT LEAST.

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