Ryan, previously known as Cryantix, OPROffical, KingioMan247, and TTNOfficial, was once part of the Quintet 2.0. He wanted to date Sharpy, but only Ray would actually date Ryan.   

He's also a Steven Universe fan. Rumor has it that that he's totes a pedo and that he loves Steven from Steven Universe waay too much. Ryan has stated that he's had a crush on a male character for both appearance and personality, as well as admitting to having his first crush as Homer Simpson from Family Guy. He openly enjoys traps.


Ryan was first formed by King Dedede, right after Dillon's creation. His purpose was keeping the world peaceful by keeping Din0 from turning into his evil form, which would destroy the entire universe. Ryan, however, mostly calls people many profanities in bedwars, asking for calls, and unintentionally causing large anime battles nearby.

He was kicked out of the Quintet due to Steven Universe Minecraft Simpsons porn, and then let back in the chats.

The Object Pandemonium Universe

The Object Pandemonium Universe is a bunch of Object Shows Ryan made and then eventually cancelled.

The first, Object Pandemonium, was the only animated show of his PowerPoint shows, it featured awful voice acting, strange, unnecessarily long assets that Ryan elected to keep for over a year, and to top it all off the whole thing took half a year to make and was cancelled almost immediately.

Next up was the classic Object Pandemonium Reboot, which decided that putting effort into things is for losers, and got rid of the voice acting (though that was admittedly for the better) and semi-animation in favor of good old text. It was filled with unneeded MLG jokes, and, wouldn't you know it, was canned after like four episodes. Sharpy and Ray wrote more than Ryan himself on the show, which didn't help its case.

Well you know, third time's the charm, as they say, except here with Item Paradise, the OBU show absolutely no one remembers or ever cared about. Rumor has it that a bag hosted it and Circle was there. Although, It has been deleted, Sharpy re-uploaded it in an incomplete form.

Up next was the only decently promising OBU show, To The North, of course it was promising until every "decent" character was either eliminated or became incredibly out of character, the remaining cast when it was cancelled consisted of three bland floaters, a nicey nice character, two decent contestants who were portrayed horribly out of character, and a rejoiner who wasn't going to last long anyways, no wonder he cancelled it.

And finally we have Entity Conflict, which seems to have been silently cancelled.

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