The Rules Of Making A TRUE AND HONEST King Dedede Wiki Page.

These are rules for any King Dedede wiki page to be considered dank. These rules are strictly enforced.

  1. Do not be someone that the memebers do not like. Only people that the memebers like can be Dank.
  2. All pages must have funny redirects, regardless if the page actually exists or not.
  3. Only Sharpy can be sexy. Everyone else fails as a girl.
  4. EVERY PAGE must be sarcastic in some way, shape, or form. If this rule is not met, Din0 will just make it sarcastic for you.
  5. No NSFW images, unless they are badly drawn.
  6. No saying "Hi" in serious.
  7. No spelling color as Colour. Only America spells it right.
  8. No saying good things about Adam Katz
  9. No insulting King Dedede or he will haunt you.
  11. Random Access Humor is heavily preferred to serious articles.
  12. NO DARKIES! :)
  13. No items
  14. Fox only
  15. Final Destination
  16. AND make sure it's dank!

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