The most necessary name change of all time.

Renaming is the act of using the CORE features on DeviantArt to change your screen name, while this is possible on other social media websites as well, it is notable on DeviantArt in particular as it will tell all of your watchers when you do it and will place a notice next to your name (pictured) that tells users who haven't seen you in a while who you were originally, though in most cases this seems more like the website is teasing you over this very necessary change.

Speaking of necessary changes, that leads us into next topic, how incredibly necessary all of this was, most of the time renaming is completely pointless and often just leads to mass confusion. People like Oka and Val are the worst offenders in this department, as the often randomly change their names to completely unrelated things with zero explanation.

Despite having a screen name he came up with at the age of like 8, Din0 is the currently the only member of the Quintet who has never changed their name, which is either really sad or not surprising at all, possibly both.

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