Kiwi decided to create new OC - Tiey. And she wanted to achieve that by pouring blue paint on Tie. You can guess what happened next.



An island of Book recolors.

A Recolor is a type of "original" character that is taken from another source, given a different color palette and is then given a (often bland) differing personality.

The most commonly recolored object characters are Teardrop, OJ, Gelatin, Ruby and Book. In the case of the last three, this is most likely because the creators themselves have made camps and joke videos starring a cast made up entirely of recolors of these characters. That isn't to say any the other BFDI and II characters don't get recolored, you'd be very mistaken, this is also most likely because of BFDI's creators, who were perfectly accepting of putting hundreds of recolors as cameos over the course of the original BFDI's run; this includes many characters who were literally just "<adjective> <character>"; the only good thing to come out of these RC cameos was Robert.