Because Plot!

–Ray, a lot

RayInDaHaus9462, previously known as Raylover9462 and usually referred to as Ray, is a Memeber and the second member of the Quintet, formerly the fifth. He makes a written object show that he never shuts up about. He used to be enemies with Sharpy, but they made up and are now lovers.

He has a hardcore Pokemon fetish, especially towards Pyukumuku Body Pillows. He is also currently working on a show called ASSGSO, but it will never come out.


Ray is the most active member of the Pokemon Skype Group, as such he is very immersed in the games, as such he has like twelve different playthroughs of various Pokemon games going at the same time, almost double the amount Din0 has done.

On the bright side, some good has come out of this in the form of Pokemon Team Deathmatch, a Hunger Games simulator that contains his, Sharpy, Din0, and Ryan's Pokemon teams. Despite the simple concept the sim is popular for how inaccurate it usually is compared to the games, leading to many notcirclebae Memes such as the Magnezone and Togedemaru War, Bean the teamkiller, Flyntstone having Corrosion and the Magnezones wanting to melt themselves.