I hate this show.

–Salt Shaker

Rally Rith Retards Rho Ran't Rpell Rebooted, often abbreviated to RRRRRRR, is the first decently good object show made by the Quintet, obvious it's a joke show, since they can't actually formulate coherent plots or conflict or shit like that.

The show was rebooted from a show called CANCER, which was actually pretty decent and had a funny credits list, after Din0 found a character from it as a recommended deviation on TTN's profile. He, Ray and Sharpy then formulated 15 brand new characters and got rid of 6 of the old ones.

Over the course of the 11 episodes that have been released a total of 72 characters have appeared in it, this consists of 60 total contestants (10 of which were the same character and all died at the start of the show and another 10 debuted later), 3 hosts, 6 dropped characters, 2 characters who died as soon as they debuted, and 1 side character who only exists as a reference to Blonic.

The prize is also apperently a box of air.

The show is set to be rebooted again, but we all know the new one is gonna suck ass cuz HTwins (the best character) and some other characters Sharpy liked got removed, and *gasp* the creators are gonna put effort into writing it!

List of Characters

Returning Contestants

  1. Bed, a giant Take That towards Nick. He then woke up later and became obsessed with Math, still a Take That though.
  2. Birdypoops, a PewDiePie parody who is somehow the most competent character on the show.
  3. Blue Donut, an object show veteran who has apperently been eliminated 1st in every one of them.
  4. Brick Head TV, a character who does nothing.
  5. Chat, a green rectangle who is an attention whore.
  6. Chuck Chuckenburger, a Yoshi head who is constantly worshiped as the best character on the show, he's basically just Din0.
  7. El Nudelo, an almost naked, incredibly deformed man presumably of some sort of Spanish decent created by Legoboy who says MEHMEHMEH.
  8. Faggy Fagbag, the star of Four Days At Fucky's who had an identity crisis, he speaks in jumpscares and is controlled by the ghost of an oddly sarcastic child.
  9. Glock Bullet, a character that we literally give zero shits about.
  10. King Lord Gamer 69 420, an idiotic 28-year old who lives in his mother's attic and plays Call of Dooty: Modern Welfare for a living, he hates Birdypoops but doesn't recognize that he's in the competition.
  11. Knife, a shameless parody of Oka who hates the shameless parody of Pirhana for saying (smirk) and :O a lot.
  12. Long-Ass Loading Screen, a joke that got really old so we turned him into an amnesiac for some reason.
  13. NoAnimate, a GoAnimate fetishist who masturbates furiously to grounded videos and loves Dylan Jacob.
  14. :O, literally just Pirhana but as an emoticon.
  15. Red Eyes, a spoopy picture on a man with hyperrealistic bloody eyes that Ryan probably found on Google Images.
  16. Rip, a ripped sheet of paper that rips off other people's property, though the only notable thing he's ever ripped off in the series is a sex tape... that he himself recorded.
  17. Salt Shaker, a really salty girl who has a rivalry with Chat because they interacted once.
  18. Sandy, I think he had a personality at one point, but we clearly don't care about it, as the only point so far where he has contributed any importance was when he got rapped to death.
  20. Sparkle, a Mary Sue with godly powers who wants to win the box of air and donate it to suffocating children in Africa.
  21. Splonik, a Sonic-recolor who inflates at random and has a foot fetish, though we mostly just use him for Blonic references now.
  22. Tongue, some weird guy who licks everything and everyone, we brought him back because he was Ray's favorite, and then never used him.
  23. Tumblr, a Flanderized SJW stereotype who calls everyone a "cissie" and despises everyone except for FanBy.
  24. White Face, a meme-obsessed KKK member that we don't know what to do with.
  25. Wizard Hat, an RP obsessed parody of Val who everyone thinks is a rapper for some reason.

New Contestants

  1. Bomb, B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-Bomb is from II.
  2. Book OC, a demon in the form of a book, he speaks in ellipses and is worshiped by the others.
  3. Chair Derp, an incredibly Flanderized version of Cherry Drop, she speaks entirely in lowercase with no punctuation and loves to fuck Dana Icon.
  4. Courtney, a TDI character that has been forced to compete with objects on another reality show.
  5. Dana Icon, what's a Dana?
  6. Din0's Laptop, a piece of shit that Din0 puts up with, it has survived despite contracting at least 7 different kinds of CyberAIDS and that fact that it has deleted System32 12 times.
  7. Fireychu, a fusion of Firey and Sonichu, though he acts more like Christian Westion Chandler himself rather than either of those two, the Firey part only really comes in when he's ingniting Bomb for the sake of plot convenience.
  8. Froggy, a frog that has eaten a Chaos Emerald, he is from the "critically aclaimed" Sonic Adventure, though he's had a growth spurt since his last major appearance in Sonic Heroes.
  9. Hozu, a terrible DA muro artist believed to be a troll by Lenny, he is obsessed with his art.
  10. Middle Aged Firey, an expy of any dumb dad trope that originated from many old Hangout Joke Shows.
  11. Robert, a robotic version of David created by King Dedede as an assassin who originated form this very Wiki.
  12. Rudolf Hitler, originally known as "Hitler, King of the Jews", he is a anti-nazzie reindeer who rules Germany from his castle and was defeated by Sonic the Dragon.
  13. SharpyTheYellowKirby, a Fox rip-off in the form of a Kirby from Sharpy's old Team Sharpy comics.
  14. Snakey, the token Non-Object character from Object Zone, he oddly shows more emotion than a third of the cast.
  15. Stock Image of a Hippopotamus, a joke OC created by Din0 for use in the rebooted TMOTC, which he then promptly quit, he is an extraterrestrial scientist in the form of a stock image of a hippopotamus.


  1. Hostimus, the returning host of CANCER who has some sort of Tourette's-ish verbal tick of replacing words with "host", which is apperently over 70 different obscenities where he comes from.
  2. the notcirclebae fighting game, a long lost N64 copy of the titular fighting game who works as the co-host of the series, he randomly fazes in and out of existence.
  3., a one-off joke that became the elamination host, she doesn't really have a personality outside of being kinda sarcastic.

Debuting Characters (SPOILERS)

  1. Big the Cat, a fisherman from Sonic Adventure in search of his lost pollywog pal Froggy, everyone hates him.
  2. Boomboxer, the heavily favoritised winner of Dylan Jacob's elimination series who believes this favoritism still persists.
  3. Cortana, a pre-packaged Diet BonziBUDDY that comes with every copy of WindowsMaster 10, her dialogue is taken from whatever comes up when we say random shit to it.
  4. Dairiez4rabiez, a joke character created after Ryan spelled Fairiez wrong, she's slightly ditsy.
  5. Double Rainbow, the first character eliminated on BFdAI who is somehow married to Bomb.
  6. FanBy, the fanchild of Fan and Ruby who takes pride in being a total abomination.
  7. HTwins Central, a physical representation of the questionably managed Discord server, he obsessed with STEM subjects and Booksonas.
  8. Leafchu, the perfect girl (in Chris-chan's eyes), she acts as Fireychu's own personal sex toy.
  9. Moon Coin, the uber-polite host of Object Manyverse who despises being called a Marty Stu.
  10. The Best Ketchup, a giant in-joke and reference towards an old comic Sharpy made, he is constantly chased for he is the best.
  11. XxX_FnafLover_XxX, a ROBLOX avatar dressed like a football player with object limbs, he has no known personality as he died as soon as he joined.
  12. Bootleg Baseball, a plush baseball Din0 saw in a claw machine that the Memebers thought looked hideous, he also died as soon as he joined.

Side Characters and Rejected Characters

  1. Splails, currently the only side character to re-appear more than once, he constantly changes his name.
  2. Barnacle2018, a parody of Bionacle, because we totally needed another one.
  3. Gray Swirl, the best of the rejects, he is obsessed with old 90s cartoons.
  4. Johnny, a stick figure who was some weird parody of some stick figure animations, or "pivots".
  5. King Bach, some gangsta Viner guy who Emerald probably made.
  6. Lemon, some guy who is obsessed with Simulators, his object has nothing to do with his personality.
  7. Microphone, a reject who's personality was that he talked in text-to-speech... on a journal show.