The 2nd Quintet, or Quintet 2.0, is a group of 5 idiots with no lives what-so-ever.


After the tragic end to the original Quintet, a new Quintet had to rise from the ashes. As Joshy had ditched the rest of the group, and Emerald only occasionally showed up, they had to be replaced.

The remaining members: Sharpy, Ray, and Ryan gravitated toward Din0, despite his adherence to the idea, but soon he became one them, something he commonly dismisses. After this, the de facto fifth member became Lenny, as he was the one who interacted with them the most. Nowadays, since notcirclebae, circlebae, and noadminabusehere are dead, they hang out in Skype chats and talk about Pokemon.

Much of the time they are joined by other assholes whilst in these chats, such as Val, Windows, or even Emerald of the original quintet.