Have fun:

  • It's gonna suck.
    • Uhhhhhhhhhhh...
  • Half of the characters will start with no personality and over the course of the show they will change personality 20 times.
  • Tons of making fun of bland people echs dee.
  • Memes. Lots of memes.
  • Sharpy and Ray will be made co-writers, and then get fired at least three times.
  • Ryan will get salty if anyone criticizes him.
  • It's name will make no sense and have nothing to do with the show in question.
    • I mean it's decent I guess.
  • Only 10 year olds and Din0 will watch it.
    • Confirmed.
  • It won't be good as Dedede: Comin' At Ya.
    • Confirmed.
  • If a Debut happens, the debuters will be portrayed horribly out of character.
  • If the show is a viewer vote and the meanie gets the most votes, Ryan will rig it.
  • Each episode will be 30 minutes in length with no actual plot or character development.
  • Alliances. Lots of alliances.
  • An important plot point will come in and never will be brought up again for at least 5 episodes.
  • Flamewars. Lots of flamewars.
  • Sharpy will upload episode 1 to Horrible-Deviantart-Drawings.
  • It already got cancelled and Ryan just hasn't announced it yet.
    • Confirmed.

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