ThePirhana15, previously known as ThePirhana11, ThePirhana12 and then ThePirhana13, and usually called Pirhan or Pirans for short, is a Memeber, a Skype Memer, and the former leader of the Populars, he was gay for Loud-cakes, but now isn't, I guess? He is now the GOD of the OLD crew, and they all worship him because he's better than Sharpy.

(smirk) and Okashina

Pirhana introduced (smirk) and many other Skype emotes to the chats with the help of Din0, with Loud joining in not too long after. The emote was mostly ignored at first, though some disliked that it was often spammed, it's notoriety first arose when Okashina began to oppose the use of (smirk), and later, almost all emoticons popularized by Pirhana, while Pirhana's supporters often said that Oka was overreacting to something very minor, she quickly gained supporters and cuased most of the Memebers to leave notcirclebae after Din0 got Lenny to unban Pirhana and Loud.


After a while and the creation NoAdminAbuse, most of the Memebers warmed up to Pirhana and Loud, leaving Oka almost obsolete, though she was still vocal about it. Even when Oka tried to be subtle, she wasn't very good at it, and eventually Oka deactivated, though not before creating The DeviantArt Show, a cult classic webseries with an upcoming reboot. Finally, Oka gave in and apologized for all the unnecessary drama, stating that her opinion of (smirk) had not changed, but that she realized that her actions were unnecessary. Pirhana and almost everyone involved in the drama accepted this apology, and continued on in life as if none of this had ever happened