just because you got a big dick doesn't mean you're cool


Patroned--Octanium, previously known as PatronedAtomOfGLaDOS and often shortened to just Patroned or Pat, is a shitposter who makes neat music and 3D renders and such, he's also one of the only people in the world who still uses their ROBLOX account.

Patroned's most notable actions in the Object Community were joining two seasons of CRAPthat'scool, however he's deleted all of his entries from both except for like two, so I can't actually say anything interesting about his time on there, and the other notable action being his activity on HTwins Central, the OLD Discord and other OSC Discords, this environment is where Pat's shitposter status really shines, and many memes that no one understands, including the Memebers, have come out of it.

He's also probably the most well-off Memeber so far, considering he has other friends and experience in both music and 3D modeling, so good on him, seriously.