i'll disable comments if drama happens

–Oka, Epepep

I'd murder anyone for you, Valentine

–Arrow, Arrow Valentine


Kirakira-Yurei, previously known as... *inhales* objectchaosfan, KirbyPortalFan966, BonnieLikesToast666, PurpyToastyBunz556, Okashina-bun, X-Hoshuchurao-X, and now Kirakira-Yurei, she also used two fake accounts called ShinyStones and SplatSplash, and some other account called ricklicklick, but most people just call her Oka or Kira... *pant* is the resident edgy ex-Pirhana and (smirk) hater. Nowadays she mostly just sits around and does Undertale stuff, unrealated to the Memebers, but they'll occasionally show up to mock her whenever she's venting.