Oh no! a fork in the road! What do I do!? WHAT DO I DODODODODODODODODODO!? *explodes*

–Yellow Bow

OW Cover 00001-WindyTen

Object World is Windows' old object show that lasted about 3 years, despite having 1 episode and a reboot that tried to "redefine not only the series, but the OSC.".

During development, it was called Nonliving Craziness, then Object Craziness, then finally Object World. Many characters were added and removed, such as:

  • John (David but well drawn, removed for being a non-object)
  • Tune (Removed for being straight up stolen from Object Mayhem)
  • DS (Removed for unknown reasons, but came back in the reboot)
  • Nickel (Also stolen)
  • Chair (Removed because Windows thought it would be hard to animate him)
  • Gameboy Color (Removed for unknown reasons, came back in the reboot)

The first episode was regarded as a trainwreck by Windows. Animation errors everywhere, lazily drawn assets, filler around every corner, it was just a mess. During the many arguments Windows would have about the show, people would say that he shouldn't be so hard on it because it was his first attempt at making an object show, but he could care less.

The second episode was better, but not by much. The assets and animation seemed to change constantly, and there was still as much filler as before. However, after a freak accident, he rewrote the episode and started from square one. During 1b's development, many intros were made for no reason.

The reboot was better, but it tried too hard to be better than its older counterpart, leading to it being over-ambitious. Windows also stopped caring about object shows and their community, leading to the total cancellation of OW. After the reboot got cancelled, OW was pretty much done for.

Despite Windows moving on, the Memebers will occasionally mention the show just as he begins to forget about its existence. Many of Object World's characters have also become notcirclebae Memes.

OW 1a Thumbnail

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