I give a dislike for Grassy because he said "What the heck."

–Melissa Gala, Vote - Grassy

Object Show Voters are the people who participate in an Object Show's elimination voting. While the name may indicate that this term applies to all voters, it is usually used when talking about the most notable and plentiful voters, the ones who vote for mean characters over undeveloped ones. Due to their prominence, they are usually the deciding factor for an elimination, and will often cause an object show to slowly lose all of it's interesting characters.

This is why contestant vote object shows are almost always better than viewer vote shows, but because choosing who gets kicked off yourself and deciding how the plot will progress without them is apperently too difficult, no one ever makes contestant vote shows, so instead we get crap like II2, which out of the 8 eliminated contestants it has so far, 5 of them were arguably some of the more interesting or funny characters on the show.

... What?

Okay yes, I know II was made a contestants vote, but it's too late, all of the good characters are gone, the contestants vote isn't going to change anything, alright.

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