Object Lockdown, commonly abriviated as OLD is the unforgettable tale of Grassy, Paint Palette, and M&M... and some other guys who don't matter.

The plot of the series is that the aforementioned trio are trapped on an island with a giant volcano with 26 others who are all brainwashed into thinking that they are on a reality TV show fighting for a mansion, in reality they are test subjects in a large experiment, and anyone who escapes is then given the worst punishment possible: being owned by The Notcirclebae Corporation. This dark sub-plot is revealed throughout the series via subtle hints, such as Drago's sudden departure, clearly showing that he has found out about the experiment, but was caught before he could tell the others and was swiftly replaced with Notebook, as well as the sudden appearance of aliens.

Object Lockdown is rich with dark secrets and a deeper meaning, and is truly one of the most profound, heartfelt, intense, keen, great, extreme, acute, severe, sincere, earnest, deep, deep-seated, overpowering, overwhelming, fervent, ardent and some other synonyms for "profound" object shows of all time. It has won countless awards for it's detailed characterization and plot.

A feature film has been slated for release in late 2018.

Characters in OLD Edit

  • Acorn- A guy who has no personality other than being voiced by XanyLeaves.
  • Balloon- A squeaky midget who's a floater. Ended up spawning a meme that lasted for like a month.
  • Banana- One of the three fan favorites, because he does stuff. Likes meme songs.
  • Berry- Uh... she exists.
  • Bottle- A meanie who ended up not becoming a meanie.
  • Bucket- Epic sax guy who hats M&M.
  • Can- One of the best characters, because he obviously contributes a lot to the plot.
  • Cherry- .ytilanosrep eritne reh si sihT
  • Circle- A ripoff of TTN's Circle.
  • Diamond- One of the three fan favorites, because she does stuff. Voiced by a sinner.
  • Dollar & George- A guy who exists. Ryan voiced him for a bit before Ian took his spotlight. And George is George Washington.
  • Drago- Has his own article.
  • Grassy- One of Jack's mains, a guy who's got that swag.
  • Hot Sauce- Voiced by Rival, clearly in a relationship with Yarn.
  • Limey- Literally just a carbon copy of Nickel from II.
  • M&M- Rapper or something. He was accidentally made by TAS who conviniently forgot of Jack's other M&M from Super Object City.
  • Milky- Nicey nice uwu
  • Moon- A MEANIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Gets eliminated first because he was mean :(
  • Notebook- Drago's replacement, who's only personality trait is clearly being voiced by Pirans.
  • Paint Palette- One of Jack's mains, a girl who Jack masturbates to because she has teal in her body.
  • Skateboard- He existed.
  • Snowboard- Bossy bossy meany pants shes mean :(
  • Stop Sign- Thinks everything is against the law. Honestly, should be.
  • Teapot- One of the three fan favorites, because she does stuff. Voiced by the guy who made one of the characters in ROBR say the N-Word.
  • Umbrella- MEAN
  • Yarn- Should be burnt. Clearly in a relationship with Hot Sauce.
  • Fire Extinguisher- A Firey Rip-Off.
  • Lock- Sadistic Little Bitch who's voiced by Webz because IDK.

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