It is I the Retro Guy and you have been bad news making rant of Object Redundancy you stupid boy.

–Retro Guy, Dylpickle Jackoff gets the grounding

notcirclebae Memes is the collective term for the notable memes, in-jokes, terms and quotes created or popularized by Memebers. They range from somewhat decent to horrible, with a few exceptions.

Examples are listed by their creator or popularizer.

Sharpy Edit

  • King Dedede, the very concept of this wiki, King Dedede is jokingly treated as a god who's terrible at his job by the Quintet.
  • Dana Voice, commonly done mockingly by Sharpy when someone says or asks something stupid.
  • Engage Me/Showdown trolling, Engage Me is a persona Sharpy created on the unoffical Pokemon Battling Simulator Pokemon Showdown, starting with a full team of Blissey, and then transfering over to Pyukumuku, both teams have incredibly time consuming and frustrating movesets that make them tough to defeat without certain combinations of moves and types.
  • [citation needed], used by Sharpy to point out obviously false things memebers (and Vlog, mostly Vlog) say.
  • SAD, used by Sharpy and other memebers whenever anything unpleasant happens, as it makes them all SAD.

Ray Edit

  • Simulators, Ray was originally infamous for starting simulators far too often, this is still true to some extent, however RBR took his place once he began making Ridonculous Race simulators.
    • Pokemon Team Deathmatch, detailed on page, now Outdated.
      • Bean the Absol, Din0's Absol from his Sun team, she commonly killed her own team members then lost at the final 2, now Outdated.
  • Pubes, a term for pubic hair, which Ray says when he joins calls for no reason.
  • XD, a laughing emoticon, used sarcastically whenever Ryan makes a bad joke, or, since it's Ray, whenever he says anything at all.

Ryan Edit

  • "YOU JEWMONGING ASSLICKING BALLSUCKING NEEDLESHITTING FAGGOTS!", uttered by Ryan during drama with Craixen[Citation needed].
  • Xany (action), originated from a screenshot Ryan posted showing that Xany had joined the chat and had immediately left.
  • Meme Hell, a texture pack of a Prison Simulator, became infamous for being repetitive, uninteresting, most of the memes being outdated and often being spammed.
  • Chat journals and chat comments, Ryan, as well as others on occasion, often spammed others with journals and comments only containing a single link to the current active chat, instead of just leaving a link to it on his page somewhere.
    • "get on chat", also commonly spammed on people's profiles.
    • Hangout Links, spammed by Ryan on chats and Skype Groups for a while, poorly recieved.
    • Skype Calls, Ryan often asks to start Skype Calls, and despite getting a resounding no most of the time, he chooses to do it anyways.

Emerald Edit

  • Rally Rith Retards Rho Ran't Rpell Rebooted, an "experiment to see how shit Ryan and Sharpy's OCs creating abilities were" according to Emerald, turned into CANCER and later RRRRRRR.
    • Din0's Laptop, Din0's laptop is infamous for being incredibly slow, low on memory and crashing reasonably often, it has been joked that it is infected with CyberAIDS or has deleted System32 by itself, it is featured as a contestant on RRRRRRR, and was thus where the meme was popularized from.

Din0 Edit

  • notcirclebae, the name Din0 gave to CoolKidsChat after he misunderstood what had happened on circlebae and began thinking Lenny had made CoolKidsChat out of spite towards Ryan and/or The Populars, thus notcirclebae, the term is oddly still used by the Memebers to this day, and ironically Din0 is one of the few people to ever call CoolKidsChat by it's original name.
  • "and then the chat died", commonly stated by Din0 whenever a long period of inactivity passed by on a chat, with the intent of reviving it, carried over to Discord and Skype, though less common.
  • Pyukumuku Body Pillows, Thrifty Price, a quote from Pokemon Sun and Moon Din0 found and brought to the attention of the Memebers, somehow leading to Pykumuku being seen as an asshole who sells Body Pillows of himself to people whilst wearing a shark fin, somewhat Outdated.
  • the notcirclebae fighting game, a ficional arcade game created during a BFLT challenge, it became popular among the Members and Din0 began creating more ideas for the ficitonal game, bringing it close to becoming a real game.
    • the notcirclebae rpg, another ficional title in the noticirclebae series that Din0 came up with, Ray created his own idea for the game and later a sequel as well.
    • the notcirclebae fighting game's release date, due to Din0 not currently having the time or programs needed to make the game, he often jokes about it's hypothetical release, or lack of one.
  • <insert joke here>, often said by Din0 as a filler joke on chats, Outdated.
  • Memeber, a term Din0 created and began using after mispelling "member" multiple times on a spredsheet for the notcirclebae rpg, thinking it fit better for them.
  • Rejoined and Won Spectacularly/Diary (THE JOKER), a joke originating from BUTTWOA, in which Bionicle attempted to join as Diary from EEE in its second season, after being told that it was a joke camp, and that he wasn't even following how camp sign-ups work normally, he added the word "JOKERS" in parentheses after Diary's name, Diary made it into the camp due to the lack of female entries and was eliminated first, Din0 later made a joke prediction for the camp where he claimed that Diary was eliminated because she was the Joker and that she would rejoin and "win spectacularly", Din0 then later signed up for BFTO season 2 after his massive failure at songing in the first, he signed up as Diary (THE JOKER), a picture of Diary from EEE who was dressed like the Joker from Batman, who acted exactly like Bionacle.
  • A Tomboy who likes boy stuff, the first documented personality of Proximity Mine, a character from Din0 old object show idea, Battle of Object Kingdom (later Land of Betrayal), the incredible redundancy of the statement immediately made it memetic.
  • I'm suing for plagiarism, a phrase used when either a memeber spots an Object OC when they have an OC of the same object, or when a phrase or meme that the memeber came up with is used. Originally created by Din0, the phrase is now used by all memebers

Pirans Edit

  • (smirk), detailed on it's own page, Outdated.
  • The Populars taking over, an event taking place in December of 2015 in which Pirans managed to get himself promoted on circlebae and began adding his friends and banning anyone else, leading to the creation of CoolKidsChat.
  • HTwins Central, first brought to the attention of the Memebers by Pirans, HTwins Central and it's members are mocked by the Memebers as being far too strict, generally unoriginal and being too self-absorbed.

Lenny Edit

  • CoolCatSavesTheKids/Banning someone over saying Cool Cat, Ryan grew to hate the overuse of the Cool Cat meme and began banning people who made jokes about it, Lenny then made the CoolCatSavesTheKids account to troll Ryan and take advantage of his irrational hatred of the meme, the account later hosted a camp that didn't last very long, Outdated.
  • Hozu, a troll in the Sonic fanbase who preaches SonicXAmy (a pairing that canon Sonic actively tries to avoid) and depises SonicXSally (probably the most popular pairing in the Sonic fandom) that was brought to the attention of the Memebers by Lenny, Lenny used a fake account to act as one of Hozu's made up friends, which Hozu went along with, Lenny was also accused of being Hozu multiple times by Ryan, a claim that Lenny and the other Memebers see as completely ridiculous.
  • Omegle Trolling, though mentioned by Ryan before, Omegle is a chat roulette website which Lenny trolled on with a plush tiger and penguin, this was subsequently done by both Sharpy and Ryan, and was seen as unoriginal by Lenny and, eventually, Din0, somewhat Outdated.
  • Twerking Knuckles, a poorly animated YouTube video brought to the attention of the Memebers by Lenny.

King Edit

  • "Disgrace to the world", a phrase King uses to describe himself.
  • this message has been removed, the text that appears in place of a removed message on Skype, commonly done on purpose in chains, removing is done most often by King.
  • "Sharpy has the best titties", another phrase used by King.
  • Battle For Awesome Planet, King's object show, and a meme among the Skype Memers that spread to the Memebers, it is often described as having large amounts of filler and ridiculous character choices.
    • Chocolate Cake's Bio, an oddly dark bio that describes how Cake's father shot his wife dead when Cake was 8, explaining his nihilist view on the world, mocked for being ridiculously "edgy".
    • BFAP Bodies, King's bodies are often mocked for being poorly made, due to this Din0 recreated every single BFAP contestant's body as well as two of the hosts at an arguably higher quality and sent them to him, yet despite this King chose not to use any of them.

Windows Edit

  • Chill Man, a Robot Master with a name that sounds like on is saying "Chill, man.", used by Windows as a reaction image.
  • Brown Bricks In Minecrap, while already a minor meme before Windows started using it, Windows eventually became infamous for spamming the meme whenever the Memebers played the game, which is almost daily at this point.
  • Object World, Windows' poorly made object show that the Memebers reference due to it being surprisingly quoteable.
    • Yellow Bow, a bland Bow ripoff notable for her unoriginality, her incredibly high-pitched voice and a scene in 1a where she begins freaking out and explodes over the sight of a fork.
    • Pie's Mouth, an particularly entertaining animation error in which Pie's mouth flies off of her face and then warps back on as the camera pans over to her and Yellow Bow.
    • The Object World rpg, a made-up game Ray created after Windows suggested making a game that feature a huge amount of chapters that would all be individually released and must all be paid seperately for as a parody of Bendy and the Ink Machines.

Jack Edit

  • Drago, sarcastically hailed by the Memebers as the best Object OC and OLD character of all time.
  • Sticky, notable for his poorly articulated line from the beginning of SOB Beta, Sticky is generally mocked by the Memebers, most notably Jack himself, as being a ridiculous choice for a host and being bland.
  • Can, mocked by Din0, Ryan and on occasion Jack himself for being incredibly out-of-focus despite being a fairly developed character, to the point where he has less lines than any of the eliminated contestants

Vlog Edit

  • Getting hit by cars on a weeky basis
  • that's a mexican job
  • Vlog dating a 14 year old
  • Accidentally deleting your YouTube channel

Other Edit

  • *sigh* (Landmark), a message commonly said by Landmark on the Main Skype Chat for no reason what-so-ever.
  • LollipopGalaxy (TMOTC), a TMOTC character notable for her personality and history, which have hilariously bad grammar, to the point where the whole thing makes absolutely no sense, her challenge entries are a similar case.
  • k k k/X is racist (Unknown), a common reaction to three people posting the single letter "k" in place of okay in a row.

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