–Nic, answering her sister's question.

DaddySteam, now known as figgoprince, is a person and, to be more specific, is a 14 year old trans boy who is on Skype and is a part of the Memebers. Back in the day, he would vent constantly about mostly nothing. But months ago he stopped and is now normal, I guess?

He also has a squad with Topaz, Tashie, Kris, Sam, Emma, Jams and Tia. He's more active there than on the Main Skype Group, but he will come join the Memebers whenever really. His art is pretty mediocre, and needs improvement. He tries to be friends with his fellow Memebers, but is usually ignored. that's not a problem though.

He sins too, which is sp00ky. He is the father of King.

Nic is a nerd, and he hates to admit that. He is also called, Idiot Boy by a good amount of Memebers, what a loser!

But in reality, he is a very sweet human being and is willing to do anything with friends, being mean is alien to him. He, and his sister, Kris, are very similar. They are considered one of the nicest people in the chat, after all.


(Shit needs to be added/remade on this article lol)

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