This is one of THOSE webcomics.

–Natalie, Math

Natalie Icon

Natalie is a character in Sharpy's webcomic INYF, and the only one not to be based on one of his object OCs.

She debuted in comic 71 and has stuck around ever since. Sharpy was originally going to kill her off like 10 comics after her debut, but then he realized that Dana was only funny with Natalie around, so he let her stay. This was one of the only good ideas Sharpy has ever had.

She's a typical math and science nerd with little to no personality outside of her intelligence. She also wears a hat, which used to look REALLY stupid but now actually looks like a hat somewhat. She only interacts with Dana in comics, and maybe Susan in like, two episodes, and basically does nothing other than make a T_T face when Dana does something stupid. She's also a lesbian (unlike Bisexuals Carol, Rachel, and Dana, and straight Monica and Susan), which is probably one of the only things Ryan knows about her or the comic in general.