Because I knew asking for toast at this hour would piss you off, and you're really funny when you get mad.

–Monica, Toast

Monica Icon

Monica is the humanized form of Sharpy's OC Monitor, and one of the characters of his webcomic INYF. She probably has the most personality of the six, likely because she's basically a clone of Sharpy himself. Naturally, this means Monica's a lazy piece of shit who wastes all of Rachel's money and spends it all on bass guitars and vidya. She's also a model and plays bass in The Greg Whine Band. Most of the comics she's in involve her either complaining about stuff she doesn't like, refusing to get a job, or just being an annoying piece of shit while Rachel gets annoyed. Ray also thinks she's the ugly one, but due to the stick figure art style, it's unknown if this is true. She does, however, have terrible hygiene.

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