TTN showcases his amazing sense of humor.

 :devil: is my meme, okay?

–ThePirhana15, Guys

Memes, also known as the Bubonic Plague, are powerful pieces of Internet humor, though the "humor" part is open to interpretation. They are the most powerful substance in the Dededeiverse. Though in the eyes of a sane person, they appear to be harmless in-jokes that more often than not, become irritating after the first three times it's used, however to a Memeber they are hilarious and never get old... until they do.

Memes get stronger every time you use them, as when they get used a lot, they become dank. Both Da Quintet and it's recreation, Quintet 2.0 are made up of Memelords, which means they are masters of meme usage, which makes them more powerful. This excludes Din0, who has incredibly inconsistent feeling towards memes, and seems to randomly change his thoughts on them in order to make jokes.

King Dedede still is the most powerful Memelord tho, as he created memes in the first place.

As a general rule, any meme that is featured on Family Guy in any form, and at this point almost any cartoon that isn't South Park, will gain a brief boost in popularity and then immediately become dated and no longer funny. This rule is also known as the "Family Guy Effect", or at least according to Know Your Meme, I'm only really referencing it to make fun of Family Guy.

Memes are also notable that no one can agree on when a meme is dead or not, as some people get tired of memes quicker than others. Sharpy, Ray and Ryan, take a long time to get sick of memes, but even they get sick of a couple of them. They also tend to claim memes "never die", but then turn around and say how awful vine memes are.

The Skype Memers get mildly aggravated when the memebers use their memes, which just makes them use them even more.