Fun Fact: The name "Memebers" orginated as a typo. We are all one big mistake.


A Memeber is anyone who is in the Quintet 2.0, friends with the members of The Quintet and/or just goes to the many chatrooms made by other Memebers. Since Da Quintet can only have five members, anyone who is left out becomes a Memeber. The Memebers include:

  • Emerald, who rarely shows up in the chat to either speak like he's in the ghetto, talk about his atheism, or just rant about whatever is bothering him at the moment.
  • Val, who pops up every few months to say "hi" and "how are you doing?"
  • Jack, who mostly talks about OLD, the Switch, or Splatoon 2.
  • Cormac, who got triggered over lucky charms once and is inactive.
  • Windows, the epic GAYMER who likes talking about Mega Man, Parappa and various other Vidya. He's usually not around because his computer sucks.
  • Pirans, a Skype Memer who talks to the other Memebers on occasion, occasionally to argue with their stupidity, and also introduced the (smirk) meme.
  • Patroned, probably the most normal Memeber, who talks about his adventures on various Discord servers, and is a proud shitposter.
  • Landmark, the bimbo who always has to state that everyone "has died" if the chat hasn't been spoken on in 2 minutes. Usually tries to make himself fit in, but royally fails.
  • Alex, a longtime member of the Object Community, who really hates firey jr.
  • Nic, who sends pictures of Kris eating a burger.
  • Kris, the creator of angry juice.
  • Michrome, who is well known for starting the Ooga Chaka meme.
  • Kett, who originally first came on the chats in the first place to make fun of everyone( and still does, mind you.)
  • Jacob, doesn't talk very often in the chat.
  • Ryan, the guy stuck in gay baby jail.
  • Allen, the most sexual person in the chat who shows everyone his animations.
  • RBR, the guy who isn't Ryan.
  • OshaWhat?!?!, the guy who really likes pokemon.
  • Luca, who's basically Dillon but more active on the memeber's chat.
  • Goon, the kid who's never active.

There's also a few former members who either became so inactive that everyone forgot about them, or hate one or more of the Memebers, and also, Fairiez, TTN's girlfriend who doesn't have Skype for some reason, and thus the Memebers don't talk to her very often, Loud, Pirans' ex-joke boyfriend, Loud was a shitposter who got fed up with the OSC and left, he rarely talks on the Skype Group and when he does it's usually just be an asshole, and King, creator of the memetic BFAP.