you cant shit up actual shit ;(

–Pirans, on the Memeber Skype Group.

The Memeber Skype Group, also known as the MSG, Chest Hair Man Head With Mullet, Hell and Vlog's Personal Diary, is a Skype group originally created by Sharpy after he and Ray got mad at King and Kett for saying kys a bit more than the rest of us, so they decided to ditch them. This group introduced many people to the wonders of notcirclebae, such as Jack, Windows and a shitton of Skype Memers.

The Rules Edit

The Memeber Skype Group oddly has rules that are not specifically written anywhere (except they will be after I finish this page oops uwu), they often come up out of nowhere and extremely late because of Sharpy not noticing the rule breakage at first, or being inactive at the time. The rule breaker is also often given no prior warning about the rule, usually being immediately banned. They consist of the following:

  1. Don't post shock pictures or mildly disturbing images, often broken by TTGuy.
  2. Don't add people without Sharpy's permission, which has never been followed throughout the entire history of the group, which currently has 34 people in it.
  3. People named Alex cannot leave.

Notable Occurrences Edit

The Health Class Edit

An RP of sorts (it's mostly yelling) that takes place on the MSG where Nic is the teacher and everyone else politely asks questions about penises and such, it goes about as well as you think, it also triggers Ryan for some reason.

Vlog's Personal Diary Edit

What has easily taken over the MSG, Vlog seems to have some odd affinity for sharing his personal details and life stories with a bunch of high schoolers who enjoy mocking whatever is put in front of them. To a normal person this seems like a very bad idea, Vlog, however, is not normal.

Vlog has so far managed to reveal the fact that he gets hit by cars on a weekly basis, has multiple mental issues, is a conspiracy theorist and has revealed his name, appearance, hometown and the license plate of two of his cars. This and counting, it's one of the main reasons most of the Skype Memers are even on the chat.

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