No you're not, you're just saying that because you're the mascot of the channel.

–Blue Spider, Major League Objects

A Main OC is an online user's main original (open to interpretation) character, in the OSC, these characters are often Object Characters, main OCs are generally the character the user relates the most to, or the most well-known of their characters, if the person in question has an Object Show, their main OC is often the host of said show or one of the contestants, often one with the most screentime.

People in the OSC often use their Main OC to represent themselves in drawings, the Memebers are especially notable for doing this in group shot drawings, as are the members of the OLD Crew outside of Ian's drawings.

The Memeber's respective Main OCs are as follows:

  • Sharpy- Cherry Drop (Carol), easily the Memeber Main OC who shares the least similarities in terms of personality, that would go to Monitor/Monica, Cherry Drop became his main OC due to him liking her more than the others and also because he has a crush on her or something.
  • Ray- Goggles, some Canana's Finest character who has no real specified personality who became his Main OC around the time California's Finest got canned, Ray's original Main OC was Magic Wand.
  • Din0- CD-ROM, a character Din0 stole from Life is too Short after it got cancelled, he is the character Din0 relates to the most as he's basically just an asexual version of him, Beach Ball is also considered to be his main OC to some extent and was considered his only main OC before BA7S2.
  • Ryan- Knot, the host of To The North, though Ryan doesn't use him anymore due to "not being in the OSC", his original main OC was Circle to some extent, though that was mostly because of the name of circlebae, and indirectly notcirclebae.
  • Lenny- Lenny, not really a OC or even an Object, Lenny is usually just represented by a more expressive version of the Lenny Face from his original icon, the first instance of this was most likely the drawing "notcirclebae as of late" by Din0, Lenny's true Main OC would be Cup, but no one actually represents him with Cup so he's mostly forgotten.
  • WIP

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