do you like having autism


Loud-cakes, now known as [CENSORED] on his new account, but usually referred to as Loud, is ThePirhana13's boyfriend, and the most kawaii person in the Object Show Community. He is best known for winning at least two different camps, solely because he was the most kawaii. He was also a member of The Populars before they died. Now he just sometimes shows up to make sarcastic remarks toward the Memebers, or did until they forgot to add him to their new skype group. By the time Sharpy realized he wasn't there, he was ded. RIP Loud.

He is the only person The Object Community loves more than Adam Katz.


Loud is also the not-proud-at-all-creator of BUTTWOA, one of the first joke camps created on DeviantArt. However, due to the Object Community being the Object Community, a bunch of blatant copies soon followed. Despite BUTTWOA's second season not lasting long. It did manage to spawn some kinda funny fake Object Shows from one of it's challenges, so... that's something, I guess.