This sounds like a bunch of Kindergartners trying to sound threatening to eachother


The Dededeiverse has gone through many wars. Wars are almost always in battlefields. When two gods get salty, a war happens. Here is a list of the various wars the Dededeiverse has fought in.

​Sharpy vs BrandonEdit

The earliest known war in the Dededeiverse was Sharpy vs Brandon. Sharpy breifly encounted Brandon in a chatroom one day, and eventually decided he hated him. Sharpy then banned Brandon from every single chatroom, until he spammed his profile one day. Brandon later offered to be his friend, and they made peace. There is no bad blood between them present day.

​Da Quintet vs That90sfastkidEdit

One day, a mysterious troll named that90sfastkid showed up in a chatroom. After this he drew fetish art of Devin's OC Wishlist farting, very badly. After that Ryan got involved and 90sfast drew Trumpet farting. that90sfastkid eventually was banned. The war did not end there however, as that90sfastkid continued to make account after account after account until Ryan found out Emerald was that90sfastkid all along.

​The Taffy debacleEdit

One day Taffy showed up in a chatroom. As she was the only person in the chat with a vajoiner(until Sharpy decided he was a hot anime girl), everyone wanted her to be her bae. Eventually Ryan got her, but then he fucked up and now she hates him.

​Da Quintet vs BonnieLikesToast666Edit

One day Bonnie got salty that Ryan got an Object Chaos OC that she wanted, Arrow. So then she became obsessed with Arrow, before Ryan finally just let her make her own Arrow. The debates did not end there however, as Okashina continued to be an edgy little bitch for the next few months. She then created Sockpuppets to defend her in every drama that ever happened. Eventually everyone banded together to ban the bunny bitch. Okashina would later make a new account and not be salty for a little while, until the salt flared up again after Pirhana started coming to chats...

​Sharpy vs RBREdit

Sharpy, feeling like he was about to be eliminated in BFDAI, decided to use his alt accounts to vote a couple more times. and told the people in Chilis, as he thought he could trust them. RBR then reported him and got him banned. Sharpy then threw a shitfit, and tried to get RBR banned from chats permanantly. This didn't work.

​Sharpy gets salty over furriesEdit

One day Devin let a furry into the chatroom. Sharpy then got salty because he hates furries, and decided to make GoAnimate shitposts about the furry. Eventually Devin himself became a furry and they quit chatrooms forever. It's unknown what they're doing now.

​Ryan vs Cool CatEdit

One day, Cool Cat came to circlebae. Everyone loved Cool Cat, so they wanted him to stay, except for Ryan. Since Ryan was the owner of circlebae, he banned Cool Cat, and later banned everyone that would mention Cool Cat. This was the biggest factor in the destruction of Circlebae.

​Da Quintet vs The Populars.Edit

The longest and most expansive war in the Dededeiverse was when Da Quintet got sick of The Populars, because they knew the Populars were better then them, so they tried to get them permabanned. They then banned Pirhana, who responded by having his friends unban him, ban everyone else, and take over circlebae. Ryan wasn't home, so no one could stop him. Eventually Ryan did get home, and banned them, but circlebae died later that night. Months later, Da Quintet still didn't really like The Populars so they tried to ban them permanently. Lenny, the owner of notcirclebae, kept unbanning them however, so they moved again. Eventually everyone in Da Quintet grew to like The Populars, so they stuck around. Ryan, however, still hated them, and continued to be a bitch whenever they showed up. This lasted a couple of months before Ryan's hatred died down.

​Okashina vs MemesEdit

As Pirhana become more accepted into the community, he introduced a meme known as Smirk. Okashina, then a chat regular, didn't like Smirk however, so she got salty whenever it was used, and claimed it was bullying. She would try to make new chats where Smirk couldn't be used, but people just trolled these chats. Okashina never got over Smirk, and eventually left chats altogether.

​King becomes a FUKEdit

One day Sharpy, Ryan, and Ray decided King was saying "kys" too much, so they decided they didn't want to be his friendo anymore. They then made a chat without him, banned him, and continued their existance without King. King would later rejoin the memebers.

​TTN vs TopazEdit

One day Topaz got an Object Chaos character Ryan wanted. Because of this, Ryan got butthurt and decided Topaz was greedy, despite Ryan having more OCs. Ryan tried to convince Topaz to give Bucket to him, but Topaz liked Bucket so he never did. Nothing really happened for a while after that, until Craixen made an adoption. Craixen's friends didn't want Ryan to get any OCs because they thought he had too many, so Craixen made a fake adoption. Ryan, oblivious to the fact THERE NEVER WAS ANY ADOPTION, thought Topaz had made it so he couldn't get the OCs despite the fact he never uses the OCs he adopts. Ryan then got butthurt and had his biggest(and tragically, most recent) shitfest to date. This ended with Ryan being edgy and deactivating. Topaz no longer talks to the Memebers. It was on this day everyone started to ship Ryan x Topaz.

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