I'm just working on my Pound Cake...I meant SoundCloud


Landmark (aka Nick Anderson) is a 18 year old Caucasian from the USA. He tends to be pretty strange at times, and usually is rarely mentioned in the OSC, but is somewhat respected. He also has a 15 year old brother who is quite a weirdo.

The reason why he is called Landmark was due to one of his original main OC having the same name.

Also, he's Catholic if anyone cares....

YouTube, DeviantArt, and Skype

Landmark has...

  • Over 600 Subs on Youtube
  • Over 195 Watchers on DeviantArt
  • Unknown amount of Friends on Skype.

(Sigh...This guy I swear he's just an exhibitionist!!!)

He also has since animating in Adobe Flash after his original Keynote Show flopped.

He has joined over 30 Object Camps and won 2 and been a runner up over 7 times. (And Nobody knows why this dumb idiot gets far so many times)

Object Show and Movie

He originally had a show called "O.B.F.T.G.D" with 12 unoriginal characters and a bad story-line and was made in Keynote, was cancelled after only one episode on YT, but the Second episode completed but never posted.

Now he has a show called "Inanimate Dimensional Showdown" that will be animated in Adobe Flash and will try to be as original as possible. Who knows when the Pilot Episode will come out...

He is also making a Movie....about the Funfetti Brothers, that has Vinny in it...Who is this user's Main O.C

Shenanigans and Best/Worst Moments

  • Landmark tending to rage a few time when he is made fun of or accused of being homo.
  • Landmark having questionable artwork as his icons.
  • Accidentally played Britney Spear's "I'm a Slave 4 U" on hangout after leaving mic on.
  • Using periods WAY to many times....
  • Landmark's "Happy Tree Friends" Fan Video getting a ton of recognition despite the fact that it is CRAP!!!
  • Never showing his face to anyone except pranking one user, by showing his brother rather than himself.
  • Referred to as a Catholic Gay Furry by Kett.


Landmark was under controversy in 2015 for drawing and posting Foot Fetish related Art on his DeviantArt, this made him very disliked in the OSC, and was hated by many until it was revealed later on that it was his brother Andrew who was 11 at the time was responsible for the art.

Landmark was pointed out for having scandalous icons of cartoon characters on most of his accounts, which he denied about until late 2016.

Landmark was known for making Vlog angry at times with his overly "nice" attitude...

Other Famous Quotes

  • "Sigh"
  • "..."
  • "Lovely!!"
  • "God Bless You"
  • "Landmark is Dead, Call me _____"
  • "Bimbo"
  • "Me Enamore...NOT!!"
  • "Really....."