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–Kris, likes

RICEKRlSPIES, previously a whole bunch of things and common referred to as Kris, is one of the Memebers and Nic's twin sister.

Since she's the newest Memeber, not many people know her completely. But hey, that's whats this page is for!

Kris is a 14 year old artist and animator. She is even working on her object show, it's called One Life. She doesn't talk about it in the chat, however. Back then, Kris was extremely edgy. She would vent about her life on the Internet, which isn't very smart. Even though she is actually mentally ill, she gets help from reality instead of the Internet. She doesn't like talking about stuff relating to her mentality in chats, because it's just weird to her.

Kris is a sinner, it's pretty clear. She has admitted that multiple times in the chat. Some even joke about the fact. Such as a picture she made that had "*internally sinning*" It doesn't really bother her, only surprised a ton of people who found out about her true colors.

Other than her sinful behavior, she is a pretty chill and nice person to be around. Even though she is considered a "bully" to some in the chat. She can be sarcastic as well. She can vary from being serious to just fooling around, really depends on her mood and or the mood of the chat.


An example of Kris's sins Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Kris is the only current Memeber to fully identify as female and also the only one to become a Memeber the same day she joined the chats.
  • Kris is secretly Jack EXPOSED, this is because they both have Dirty Blonde hair.
  • Kris makes livestreams on her youtube channel, "Ok Kris" and they can be.. interesting.
  • She is one of the only Memebers who are actually gay.
  • During calls, she dies from laughter(aka; breaks, has a heart attack, etc) easily, making the rest of the people concerned.

Face reveal xdd Edit


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