Oh yay, we're going to have children.


RICEKRlSPIES, previously a whole bunch of things and common referred to as Kris, is a Skype Memeber and Nic's evil twin sister.

Kris is an epic artist and animator. She is even working on her object show, it's called One Life. Will it ever come out? Who knows, probably.

Kris is generally a nice person who likes to get along with everyone, she likes to goof off and scream have a lot of laughs with her fellow friends.

Kris is a sinner, it's pretty clear. She has admitted that multiple times in the chat. She used to to.. interesting things before she joined the memeber chat. But her sinful behavior has really toned down recently.. Or has it? ;)

Kris is unfortunately responsible for the famous ship, Recycling Cup. Coffee Cup and Recycling Bin are in Object Terror, the best show ever. The two had such a great friendship and ever since Kris saw the episode 5 script leak, it just had to happen, sorry kid.

Kris also screams a lot.


An example of Kris's sins


  • Kris is the only current Memeber to fully identify as female and also the only one to become a Memeber the same day she joined the chats.
  • Kris is secretly Jack EXPOSED, this is because they both have Dirty Blonde hair.
  • Kris makes livestreams on her youtube channel, "Ok Kris" and they can be.. interesting.
  • During calls, she dies from laughter(aka; breaks, has a heart attack, etc) easily, making the rest of the people concerned.
  • In Battle for Memebers 3 Kris could be eliminated with over 12 billion votes because we counted them all despite the fact that the series is released every other week.