i forgot who el king is :)

–King trying to deny his own existence

KingOfToons3, commonly referred to as King, is a Memeber, being the first one to join after previously being a notcirclebaer. He is a 14 year old animator that is infamously known for being the creator of an object show called Battle For Awesome Planet (he has made the longest running object show out of the Memebers and hasn't cancelled his show at all, which is weird) and is also known for being a bit of a sinner in Skype calls. King is also known for occasionally making up a bunch of conspiracy theories in Skype chats for no reason and is known to be a sarcastic loser at times. King believes that the Memebers are after him and will eventually destroy him despite being a Memeber himself. Even though he is probably more productive than the entire Quintet 2.0 combined and most of the Memebers, King spends a lot of his day either watching Total Drama, looking at TV Tropes or playing his PS4 (which is arguably more unproductive than whatever the Skype Memers do).

Despite all of this, King is a fairly chill, sarcastic and friendly person that constantly jokes around with people.

On December 25, 2017, King left the chat.