The name's Kett, RareKett.
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Kett is yet another moron who "adds diversity" to the Memebers, believe to be the only other female Memeber besides Kris. Kett was a failed clone of Kris, and because of that, the memebers used to mistake her as Kris when in a skype call. Kett is considered to be one of the more saner Memebers, despite proof otherwise. She is known for being friends with King, TAS, Din0, Sharpy, and some other FUKs. She and King were once ditched by Sharpy, Ray, Ryan, and the rest of the chat for being fucking annoying FUKtards and saying "kill yourself xD" way too much at one point.   

Not coming back to the chats

As of 10/1/2017, Kett has stated she will not be coming back to the chats. This was clearly a lie, of course. Kett claims to be the lone wolf and anti-hero in the Notcirclebae anime, but still frequents the chats almost daily.