Joshua-The-Small-One, commonly shortened to just Josh, Joshy or Joshua, was the guitar player in the now dead Da Quintet and the owner of UFO, a character that was shipped extensively with Sharpy's OC Monitor.

Joshy was once an important memeber of the chats, however early on he became very inactive and was soon forgotten by the others in favor of more active people like Lenny and Oka. Nowdays he's only really remembered by the Memebers for the UFO x Monitor stuff, being inactive, or that time Ryan drew his Author Avatar giving himself a blowjob.

To this day, he is still inactive on a new account that he made called j-o-shua since he thought that his last name was really fucking dumb. He also tried to create a fake account that he called "his brother" which everyone didn't fell for and Joshy got exposed by Ryan when making a mistake YouTube video and uploading it, which happened in chat.